AMDO 2010 VI Congress on Articulated Motion and Deformable Objects
AMDO 2010 VI Congress on Articulated Motion and Deformable Objects 2010

VI Conference on Articulated Motion and Deformable Objects

Andratx, Mallorca, Spain. 7-9 July , 2010
AMDO 2010 VI Congress on Articulated Motion and Deformable Objects

IMPORTANT: This is the FINAL timetable.

All the sessions will take place at the Hotel Mon Port **** (Conferences Rooms) , at Puerto Andratx, Mallorca.





AMDO opening Speakers: Vice-Chancellor I+D, DMI Director, General Co-chairs

Invited Speaker:
E. Vidal

Chairman: A. Fernandez

Tutorials - T1/T2
Invited Speaker:
T. Komura

Chairman: Francisco Perales
Papers Nr: 11, 14

Chairman: A. Fernandez
Invited Speaker: Elisabeth André

Chairman: Bob Fisher
Coffee break
Coffee break
Coffee break
Coffee break
Tutorial - T1/T2
Papers Nr: 47, 23

Chairman: F. Di Fiori
Papers Nr: 5, 10

Chairman: A. Susin
Papers Nr: 15, 19

Chairman: T. Coll
Tutorial - T1/T2
Papers Nr: 27, 45

Chairman: F. Di Fiori
Papers Nr: 22, 46

Chairman: A. Susin
Papers Nr: 4, 17

Chairman: T. Coll
T2 has been changed to morning schedule
Papers Nr: 3, 16

Chairman: L. Unzueta
Papers Nr: 6, 8

Chairman: L. Vasa
Papers Nr: 24, 40

Chairman: F. Perales
T2 has been changed to morning schedule
Papers Nr: 33, 13

Chairman: L. Unzueta
Papers Nr: 32, 35

Chairman: L. Vasa
AMDO Closing session: Prize Awards

Speakers: Sub DMI Director, General Co-chairs
T2 has been changed to morning schedule
Papers Nr: 28, 43

Chairman: L. Unzueta
Papers Nr: 7, 48

Chairman: L. Vasa
Social Event: Visit
to Bellver Castle
World Cup 2010:
Social Event: Conference dinner


T1 New Perceptual Interfaces: BCI.

Luis Barrios (CSIC),
José María Azorín (Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche),
Pedro Montoya (Dep. Physcology UIB),
Francisco J. Perales (Dep. Math & Computer Science-UIB)      


Footmorphing: Computer Graphics Tool for Industrial Shoe Design.

Dr. Gaspar Morey (Functional Analysis and biomechanics responsible),
Damián Poveda (Microelectronics responsible),
Carlos Férriz (CAD technician- INESCOP),
Miguel Davia Aracil (Paper: Volumetric deformations applied to reverse engineering processes in the footwear sector. IT Dept. - CAD/CAM INESCOP),
José María Buades Rubio, (Project Manager, DMI-UIB),
Francisco José Perales López (UGIVIA Director, DMI-UIB),
Víctor Blanch Vicens (UGIVIA, DMI-UIB).


Invited Speakers:
July 7th

Prof. Taku Komura, Institute for Perception, Action and Behaviour School of Informatics University of Edinburgh, UK. 
Title: Topology-based Motion Synthesis (Abstract + Bio)

July 8th
Prof. Enrique Vidal, Pattern Recognition and Human Technology Group, Instituto Tecnológico Mixto de Informática (ITI-UPV), Valencia, Spain.
Title: Multimodal Interaction: Approaches and Applications (Abstract + Bio)

July 9th
Prof. Dr. Elisabeth André, Lehrstuhl für Multimedia-Konzepte und Anwendungen, Institut für Informatik Universität Augsburg, Germany.
Title: Towards Empathetic Artificial Listeners (Abstract + Bio)


3. Compatible Particles for Part-based Tracking.
       Martinez, Brais
4. Combining Edge Detection and Region Segmentation for Lip Contour Extraction.
      Saeed, Usman
5. Retrieving Articulated 3D Objects using Normalized Distance Function.
      Ben Hamza, Abdessamad
6. Finding Optimal Parameter Configuration for a Dynamic Triangle Mesh Compressor.
      Petrik, Oldrich
7. Silhouette Area based Similarity Measure for Template Matching in Constant Time.
      Mohr, Daniel
08. Analysing the influence of vertex clustering on PCA-based dynamic mesh compression.
      Rus, Jan
10. Estimating 3D Pose via Stochastic Search and Expectation Maximization.
      Daubney, Ben
11. A Proposal for Local and Global Human Activities Identfication.
      Fernández-Caballero, Antonio
13. Skeleton and Shape Adjustment and Tracking in Multicamera Environments.
      Alcoverro, Marcel
14. Learning Generic Human Body Models.
      Walther, Thomas
15. High-realistic and flexible virtual presenters.
      Oyarzun, David
16. Model-Based Hand Gesture Tracking in ToF Image Sequences.
      Gudmundsson, Sigurjon Arni
17. An Evaluation of Wavelet Kernels for Palmprint based Recognition.
      Mumtaz, Mustafa
19. Real-Time Motion Transition by Example.
      Egbert, Parris
20. Novel Representations, Techniques and Error Evaluation for 3D Reconstruction.
      Varier, Sidharth R.
22. Inelastic Deformation Invariant Modal Representation for Non-rigid 3D Object Recognition.
      Smeets, Dirk
23. Cyclic and Non-Cyclic Gesture Spotting and Classification in Real-Time Applications.
      Unzueta, Luis
24. Automatic Motion Segmentation for Human Motion Synthesis.
      Schulz, Sebastian
27. Multiple-Activity Human Body Tracking in Unconstrained Environments.
      Schwarz, Loren Arthur
28. Identity recognition-based correction mechanism for face tracking.
      Stasiak, Lukasz
32. Analytical Simulation of non-planar B-Spline Surfaces Deformation.
      González Hidalgo, Manuel
33. 3D Head Pose Estimation and Tracking using Particle Filtering and ICP Algorithm.
      Ben Ghorbel, Mahdi
35. Faking Dynamics of Cloth Animation for Animated Films.
      Di Fiore, Fabian
40. Data-Driven On-Line Generation of Interactive Gait Motion.
      Zhang, Liang
43. Automatic 3D Facial Model and Texture Reconstruction From Range Scans.
      Xiang, Guofu
45. A Reusable Model for Emotional Biped Walk-Cycle Animation with Implicit Retargeting.
      Romeo, Marco
46. CageIK: Dual-Laplacian Cage-Based Inverse Kinematics.
      Savoye, Yann
47. Automatic Key Pose Selection for 3D Human Action Recognition.
      Gong, Wenjuan
48. Adjusting Animation Rigs to Human-Like 3D Models.
      Ramirez, Jorge