IV Conference on Articulated Motion and Deformable Objects  
Andratx, Mallorca, Spain. 11-14 July , 2006

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All the sessions will take place at the Hotel Mon Port **** (Conferences Rooms) , at Puerto Andratx, Mallorca. The sessions of the Invited Speakers will be held in Room1

* Room 1
: Human Body Tracking, Detection, Recognition and Applications
* Room 2 : Facial Animation, Biometrichs, Shapes Deformations and Agents Applications



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Invited Speaker
Tutorial - T1
Tutorial - T2
Invited Speaker
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Coffee break/Posters
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AMDO opening
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AMDO Closing session
Bellver Castle
Conference dinner

T1 Mathematical Foundations of Computer Graphics, Computer Vision
and Computation in Projective Space

Prof.Vaclav Skala, Dr. M Gonzalez, (UIB)



Prof. O.Ferrer-Roca, F.Marcano, A. Diaz-Cardama
Catedra UNESCO de Telemedicina. Universidad de La Laguna
Prof. F. J. Perales, R. Mas, M. Abasolo (UIB)


Human Motion Capture Systems. Perceptual User Interfaces. News Paradigms.

Prof. A. Hilton ( University of Surrey ), X. Varona, F. Perales (UIB)


Invited Speakers
12 July

Petia Radeva (CVC-UAB, Spain). Short CV

Deformable models (abstract)

13 July

Vetter, Thomas  (Univ. Bassel, Switzerland). Short CV

3D Morphable Models for pose and illumination invariant face recognition (abstract)

14 July

Santos-Victor, J.   (IST, Portugal) Short CV

Short-Term Human activity recognition - learning from biology (abstract)


Id - Title. Authors. Paper presenter
* Room 1 , * Room 2, * Poster

9 - A Study on Human Gaze Detection based on 3D Eye Model
Kang Ryoung Park
Kang Ryoung Park

10 - Robust Fake Iris Detection.
Kang Ryoung Park
Kang Ryoung Park

12 - A Study on Fast Iris Restoration Based on Focus Checking.
Byung Jun Kang and Kang Ryoung Park
Kang Ryoung Park
14 - A spatio-temporal metric for dynamic mesh comparison.
Libor Vasa and Vaclav Skala
Libor Vasa
19 - Face2Face: an isometric model for facial animation.
Alexander Bronstein, Michael Bronstein and Ron Kimmel
Michael Bronstein
20 - Matching two-dimensional articulated shapes using generalized multidimensional scaling.
Alexander Bronstein, Michael Bronstein, Alfred Bruckstein and Ron Kimmel
Michael Bronstein
22 - Further Developments in Geometrical Algorithms for Ear Biometrics.
Michal Choras
Michal Choras
23 - Composition of Complex Motion Models from Elementary Human Motions.
Jörg Moldenhauer, Ingo Boesnach, Thorsten Stein and Andreas Fischer
Ingo Boesnach
24 - Acquisition of Articulated Human Body Models using Multiple Cameras.
Aravind Sundaresan and Rama Chellappa

25 - Recovering Articulated Non-rigid Shapes, Motions and Kinematic Chains From Video.
Jingyu Yan and Marc Pollefeys
Jingyu Yan
27 - 3D Shape Reconstruction Of Trunk Swaying Human Body Segments.
Takuya Funatomi, Masaaki Iiyama, Koh Kakusho and Michihiko Minoh
Takuya Funatomi
28 - Combined head, lips, eyebrows, and eyelids tracking using adaptive appearance models.
Fadi Dornaika, Javier Orozco and Jordi Gonzalez
Javier Orozco
29 - Mobile path and spin 3D tracking and reconstruction.
Federico Cristina, Sebastián Hugo Dapoto and Claudia Russo
30 - Subdivision Surface Deformations.
Sandrine Lanquetin, Romain Raffin and Marc Neveu
Romain Raffin
32 - Viewpoint Insensitive Posture Representation for Action Recognition.
Feiyue Huang, Huijun Di and Guangyou Xu
Feiyue Huang
33 - Ballistic Hand Movements.
Shiv Vitaladevuni, Vili Kellokumpu and Larry Davis

34 - Collision detection trough Deconstruction of Articulated Objects.
Roberto Theron, Vidal Moreno, Belén Curto and Francisco Javier Blanco
Roberto Theron
36 - Probabilistic Spatio-Temporal 2D-Model for Pedestrian Motion Analysis in Monocular Sequences.
Grégory Rogez, Carlos Orrite, Jesús Martínez-del-Rincón and Elías Herrero-Jaraba
Grégory Rogez
39 - Predicting 3D People from 2D Pictures.
Leonid Sigal and Michael Black
Leonid Sigal
40 - Certain Object Segmentation Based on AdaBoost learning and Nodes
Aggregation Iterative Graph-Cuts.
Dongfeng Han, Wenhui Li, Xiaosuo Lu, Yi Wang and XiaoQiang Zou
Dongfeng Han
43 - Learning Deformations of Human Arm Movement to Adapt to Environmental Constraints.
Stephan Al-Zubi and Gerlad Sommer
Stephan Al-Zubi

44 - Three-Dimensional Mapping from Stereo Images with Geometrical Rectification.
Antonio Javier Gallego Sánchez, Rafael Molina Carmona and Carlos Villagrá Arnedo

Antonio Javier Gallego Sánchez

48 - Transferring a Labeled Generic Rig to Animate Face Models.
Veronica Costa, Ernesto Zacur and Antonio Susin
Veronica Costa
49 - Virtual Characters as Emotional Interaction Element in the User Interfaces.
Amalia Ortiz, David Oyarzun, María del Puy Carretero and Nestor Garay-Vitoria
Amalia Ortiz
53 - Face modeling and wrinkle simulation using convolution surface.
Qing He, Minglei Tong and Yuncai Liu
Qing He
54 - Cascade of Fusion for Adaptive Classifier Combination using Context-Awareness.
Mi Young Nam, Suman Sedai and Phill Kyu Rhee
Phill Kyu Rhee
55 - Modeling Relaxed Hand Shape for Character Animation.
Michael Neff and Hans-Peter Seidel
Michael Neff
57 - Boundary Fragment Matching and Articulated Pose Under Occlusion.
Nicholas Howe
Nicholas Howe
58 - Object Tracking and Elimination using Level-of-Detail Canny Edge Maps.
Jihun Park
Jihun Park
59 - Facial Expression Recognition in Various Internal States Using Independent Component Analysis.
Youngsuk Shin
Youngsuk Shin
60 - Gender Identification on the Teeth Based on Principal Component Analysis Representation.
Youngsuk Shin
Youngsuk Shin
61 - Grasp Motion Synthesis based on Object Features.
Yoshihiro Yasumuro, Masayuki Yamazaki, Masataka Imura, Yoshitsugu Manabe and Kunihiro Chihara
Yoshihiro Yasumuro
64 - Carrying Object Detection Using Pose Preserving Dynamic Shape Models.
Chan-Su Lee and Ahmed Elgammal
65 - Person Recognition using Human Head Motion.
Federico Matta and Jean-Luc Dugelay
Federico Matta
67 - Matching Deformable Features Based on Oriented Multi-scale Filter Banks.
Manuel J. Marín-Jiménez and Nicolás Pérez de la Blanca
Manuel J. Marín-Jiménez
68 - Principal Spine Shape Deformation Modes Using Riemannian Geometry and Articulated Models.
Jonathan Boisvert, Xavier Pennec, Hubert Labelle, Farida Cheriet and Nicholas Ayache
Jonathan Boisvert
69 - Automatic Pose Correction for Local Feature-based Face Authentication.
Daniel González-Jiménez, Federico Sukno, José Luis Alba-Castro and Alejandro Frangi
Daniel González-Jiménez
70 - Adaptive Virtual Surface Cutting Operation.
Viet Huynh Quang Huy, Takahiro Kamada and Hiromi T.Tanaka
Hiromi T.Tanaka
71 - Action Recognition using Motion Primitives and Probabilistic Edit Distance.
Thomas Moeslund, Preben Andersen and Lars Reng
Preben Andersen
72 - Shape-Motion Based Athlete Tracking for Multilevel Action Recognition.
Costas Panagiotakis, Emmanuel Ramasso, Georgios Tziritas, Michele Rombaut and Denis Pellerin
Costas Panagiotakis
74 - Finding Articulated Body in Time-series Volume Data.
Tomoyuki Mukasa, Shohei Nobuhara, Atsuto Maki and Takashi Matsuyama
Tomoyuki Mukasa
75 - Emotional facial expression classification for multimodal user interfaces.
Eva Cerezo and Isabelle Hupont
Eva Cerezo
76 - Posture Constraints for Bayesian Human Motion Tracking.
Ignasi Rius, Javier Varona, Xavier Roca and Jordi Gonzàlez
Ignasi Rius
77 - Efficient Incorporation of Motionless Foreground Objects for Adaptive Background Segmentation.
Ivan Huerta Casado, Daniel Rowe, F. Xavier Roca Marvà and Jordi Gonzàlez Sabaté
Ivan Huerta Casado
78 - Interactive Soft Object Simulation with Quadratic Finite Elements.
Johannes Mezger and Wolfgang Strasser
Johannes Mezger
79 - An alternative to medial axis for the 3D reconstruction using implicit surfaces
of unorganized set of points.
Vincent Bénédet and Dominique Faudot
Vincent Bénédet
80 - Modeling Timing Structure in Multimedia Signals.
Hiroaki Kawashima, Kimitaka Tsutsumi and Takashi Matsuyama
Hiroaki Kawashima
81 - Human Motion Synthesis by Motion Manifold Learning and Motion Primitive Segmentation
Chan-Su Lee and Ahmed Elgammal
82 - Towards an integrated technological framework for Modelling Shared
Virtual Spaces: languages & applications.
Iosu Azkue, Alfredo Pina and Michalis Vazirgiannis
Iosu Azkue
83 - Agents with Personality for Videogames.
Diana Arellano
Diana Arellano
87 - Monocular Tracking with a Mixture of View-Dependent Learned Models.
Tobias Jaeggli, Esther Koller-Meier and Luc Van Gool
Tobias Jaeggli
89 - Towards hands-free interfaces based on real-time robust facial gesture Recognition.
Cristina Manresa-Yee, Javier Varona and Francisco J. Perales
Cristina Manresa-Yee
90 - Upper Body Tracking for Interactive Applications.
José María Buades Rubio, Francisco J. Perales, Manuel González and Javier Varona
José María Buades Rubio


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