IV Conference on Articulated Motion and Deformable Objects  
Andratx, Mallorca, Spain. 11-14 July , 2006

Call for registration

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Perales, F. J. (Comp. Science Dep. UIB, Spain)
Fisher, B. ( University of Edinburgh, UK)


Aloimonos, Y. ( Univ. Maryland , USA )
Aggarwal, J. K .( Univ. of Texas , USA )
Ayache, N (INRIA, Sophia-Antipolis , France )
Blake, A. (Microsoft Rs, Cambrige)
Badler, N. I .( Univ. of Pennsylvania , USA )
Brunet, P. (Univ. Polytechnic Catalunya , Spain )
Boulic, R. (EPFL, Switzerland )
Bowden, R. ( Univ. of Surrey , UK )
Carlsson, S (CVAP, Sweden )
Campilho A. ( Univ. of Oporto , Portugal )
Cham Tat, J. (Univ. Republic of Singapore)
Cipolla, R. ( Univ. of Cambridge , UK )
Cohen, I. (Univ. Southern California, USA)
Davis, L. S .( Univ. of Maryland , USA )
Del Bimbo, A. (Univ. di Firenze , Italy )
Dugelay, J. L (EURECOM, France)
Fernandez, A. (Univ. Castilla-La Mancha, Spain )
Fleet, D. ( Univ. of Toronto , Canada )
Flerackers, E. ( Hasselt University , Belgium )
Fua, P (EPFL, Switzerland)
Gong, S. (QM Westfield Coll , UK )
Hilton, A. (Univ. of Surrey, UK)
Horaud, R. (INRIA, Alpes , France )
Huang, T. S. (Univ. Urbana-Champaing , USA )
Jain, A. ( Michigan State University , USA )
Kakadiaris, I. A, (Univ fo Houston , USA )
Kittler, J .( Univ. of Surrey , UK )
Kunii, T. L. ( University of Hosei , Japan )
Long Q. ( Hong Kong Univ. of S &T, China )Marchand, E. (Irisa-Inria Rennes , France)
Medioni, G. (Univ. Southern California , USA )
Metaxas, D .( Univ. of Pennsylvania , USA ) Moeslund, T. (Univ. of Aalborg, Denmark)
Murino V. (Univ. Verona , Italy )
Nastar, Ch. (INRIA, Roquencourt, France)
Obrenovic, Z. (Univ of Belgrade , Serbia )
Pla, F. (Univ Jaume I, Spain )
Poggio, T. (MIT, USA)
Perez de la Blanca, N. (Univ. Granada, Spain)
Pollefeys, M. (Univ of North Carolina, USA)
Radeva, P (UAB-CVC, Spain)
Qin, H (Stony Brook Univ, New York, USA )
Sanfeliu, A. (IRI, CSIC-UPC , Spain )
Santos-Victor, J. ( IST, Portugal )
Seron, F. ( Univ. of Zaragoza , Spain )
Shirai, Y .( Univ. of , Osaka , Japan )
Skala, V. (Univ. of West Bohemia, Plenz, Chequia)
Susin, A. (Univ. Polytechnic Catalunya , Spain )
Terzopoulos, D. ( Univ. of New York , USA )
Teixeira, J. C. (FCTUC, Portugal )
Tan, T. (Center Biometrics & Security , China )
Tavares, J. (Univ do Porto, Portugal)
Van Gool, L. (Comp Vision Lab, ETH, Switzerland )
Vetter, Th. (Univ. Basel , Switzerland )
Thalmann, D. (EPFL, Switzerland )
Villanueva, J. J. (UAB-CVC, Spain)

The International Association for Pattern Recognition ( IAPR ), the Spanish Association for Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis ( AERFAI ) and the Mathematics and Computer Science Department of UIB are organising the fourth international conference AMDO Evolution 2006 that will take place in Puerto de Andratx, Mallorca . This conference is the natural evolution of the AMDO2004 workshop. The new goal of this conference is to promote interaction and collaboration among researchers working directly in the areas covered by the main tracks. The new perceptual user interfaces and the emerging technologies increase the relation between areas involved with human-computer interaction. The new perspective of the AMDO -e 2006 conference will be to strengthen the relationship between the many areas that have as key point the study of the human body using computer technologies as the main tool.

It is a great opportunity to encourage links between research in the areas of computer vision, computer graphics, advanced multimedia applications and multimodal interfaces that share common problems and frequently use similar techniques or tools. In this particular edition the related topics are divided in several parallel tracks, including the topics above proposed. The AMDO -e 2006 will consist in three days of lecture sessions, both regular and invited presentations, a poster session and international tutorials.

TOPICS INCLUDE (but not restricted to):

Track 1: Computer Graphics (Human Modelling & Animation)
Track 2 : Human Motion (Analysis, Tracking, 3D Reconstruction & Recognition)
Track 3: Multimodal User Interaction (VR & AR, Speech, Biometrics)
Track 4: Advanced Multimedia Systems (Standards, Indexed Video Contents)


  • Geometric and Physical Deformable Models
  • Motion Analysis. Articulated Models and Animation
  • Modelling and Visualisation of Deformable Models
  • Deformable Models Applications and Motion Analysis Applications
  • Single or Multiple Human motion analysis and synthesis
  • Face modelling, tracking, recovering and recognition models
  • Applications of Deformable Models and Motion Analysis
  • Virtual & Augmented Reality, Haptics Devices, Biometrics Techniques


Prof. Vetter, Thomas ( Univ. Bassel , Switzerland )
Prof. Santos-Victor, J. (IST, Portugal)
Prof. Radeva P. ( CVC-UAB , Spain )


Notification of acceptance April 20, 2006
Tutorial Submission May 30, 2006
Camera-ready Copies May 5, 2006
Extended early registration deadline June 2, 2006
IV AMDO -e Conference 2006 July 11-14 , 2006

ORGANISING COMMITTEE : Gonzalez M., Igelmo A., Mas R., Jaume A., Mascaró P. M., Palmer P., Manresa C., Varona X., Buades, J. M., Abasolo M.J., Miró M., Delgado A., Fiol. G. (Dep. Math & Computer Science, UIB)

PLACE : Hotel Mon Port ****, Pto. Andratx, Mallorca , Spain http://www.hotelmonport.com

e-mail: amdo@uib.es